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New Handicapped Accessibility Committee Sets Out to Make Modiin Equally Accessible to all of Its Res

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New Handicapped Accessibility Committee Sets Out to Make Modiin Equally Accessible to all of Its Residents

Following a Kehila Negisha (Accessible Community) forum meeting that took place last Monday, it has been annouced that the Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality will create an accessibility committee for the disabled. Representatives from all of the municipality department's were present at the meeting, which was led by Acram Chaj Yachi, head of of the Construction and Accessibility Supervision Department, in cooperation with Dina Karmona, who is in charge of public inquiries. Also present were resident representatives Migal HaRaf, Sharon Mao'z, Chaim Kemachi, Meirav Shviro, and Yosef Lev.

Chaj Yachi stated at the meeting that the municipal alignment will be made up of representatives from all of the municipal departments relevant to this subject, along with representatives from Kehila Negisha and public officials. It was also announced that the purpose of the group will be to promote accessibility. In addition, it will keep ensure that the heads of the branches and departments at the municipality remain updated on matters regarding the disabled.

At the beginning of the meeting, the committee members patrolled the city in order to take note of problems with handicapped parking spots (or the lack of such). Some of the problems found by the municipality representatives have already been dealt with, while the rest should be solved soon.

Another topic that came up during the discussion was the committee members' upcoming visit to Kiryat Gat, where there is an accessibility branch. The forum members noted that the branch's success is mainly due to the increased awareness of all of their municipality's departments. Chaj Yachi stated that the situation in Modiin Maccabim Reut is different, since all of the other city's public buildings were built with handicap accessibility in mind. He reported that the Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality must approve any request to make a building in the city accessible to the handicapped.

All of those present at the meeting received a report on the construction that was carried at the city's school during the summer in order to make them accessible to the disabled (elevators were built, audio rooms were created, etc). Likewise, they received word of an announcement to place elevators in two more schools that are in need of them, to make the city's bus stops accessible to the handicapped, and to lower the signs at intersections across the city's streets.

All of this is only the beginning of the action that the new committee plans to take throughout the year in order to make the city a great place for all of its residents to live in.

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