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Nitzanim School Collects Over 100 Blood Donations for Cancer Patient Attending Ironi Alef High Schoo

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Nitzanim School Collects Over 100 Blood Donations for Cancer Patient Attending Ironi Alef High School

Every year, Nitzanim School holds Kol Bo Nitzanim, and event that aims to teach the children about giving back and charity. This year, the school focused their event around an Ironi Alef High School student who is need of blood donations following his struggle with cancer.


The fair is a tradition shared by the school, the Parent Leadership, and the Culture Committee that has been taking place for a number of years.

This year, there were booths selling crafts done by the school's students: Chia Pets, magnets, beaded jewelry, and more. The students also ran temporary tattoo, hair braiding, and makeup booths, and sold special health cookies and yogurt with granola and fruit that were prepared in the classrooms in honor of the school's newest health promotion curriculum.


The fair also included a coffee corner, where cookies, casseroles, and drinks brought by the parents were sold. All proceeds benefited the school's students -- during previous years, the money went towards games and books.

All of the school's parents were invited to attend the fair, and the school took advantage of their presence to collect blood donations. All of this year's donations were collected especially for Ironi Alef Student and cancer patient Dror Folkmer. The event itself was held in cooperation with the high school's students and alumni, and many of Dror's friends and classmates came to donate blood -- so many people were eager to help that the fair carried on until right before Shabbat. In the end, over one hundred blood donations were collected! The school gave word that the room that had been set aside for blood donations was packed the entire time, and it seems as if the entire community joined in on this important cause.


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