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New Junctions in the Tzipporim Neighborhood

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New Junctions in the Tzipporim Neighborhood Photo credit: Dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

The Tzipporim neighborhood, located on the southern side of the Anabe Valley, is nearing completion and residents will begin moving in a few weeks. As part of the preparation for the new neighborhood, four traffic lights were installed at the two entrances and exits from the neighborhood to Route 431; the eastern entrance – Rechov Shaldag and the western entrance – Rechov Tzukit. The junctions with traffic lights will allow safe entrance into the new neighborhood, there will be a right turn into the neighborhood and also exiting the neighborhood in the western direction without waiting for the traffic light. The construction of the two junctions will help to modulate the traffic at the Rabin/Hachashmonaim junction, which is considered one of the busiest intersections in the city. The new traffic lights will slow down traffic headed in that direction and will help reduce the number of accidents at that junction.

The traffic lights will begin flashing lights next week in order to let drivers know about the new traffic pattern. Drivers should be aware of changes in the traffic patterns and drive carefully.

The Tzipporim neighborhood covers 370 dunams of land. The northern boundary of the neighborhood is Park Anabe, the southern boundary is Highway 431, Sederot Hachashmonaim is to the east and Rechov Yehuda Hamaccabi is to the west. There will be around 900 apartments in the neighborhood, as well as an elementary school, two commercial centers, shul, five preschools, a clinic, tipat chalav and an area designated for culture or youth and informal education.

There is a bridge connecting Tzipporim to Mesuah, allowing cars to travel between the neighborhoods. The bridge also has a pedestrian crossing, lighting and handrails. Another bridge is being built on the western side of Tzipporim that will cross over inner-city route 3 and connect the Tzipporim and Nofim neighborhoods.

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