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New Look for the Entrance to the City

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New Look for the Entrance to the City Photo credit: Dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

The Iriyah released the design for the entrance of the city, the junction of Sederot Hachashmonaim and Dam HaMaccabim, future site of a display called “Kikar Shaarei HaMayim”. It is near the current police station, which will be moving to its new location in the New City Center next year. The display, designed by the architectural office of Shlomo Aronson Architects, will be built of seven stainless steel gates at a height of about five meters and varying widths. From the top of the gates, water will flow like "windows," creating opportunities for optical and physical play. The roundabout will be paved with natural stone and will have benches and trees to provide shade. Behind the gates, there will be a “green wall” to allow vertical growth of rich and varied vegetation. The Iriyah said that work on the display will be completed in about three months.

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