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Sheep in the City to Help Prevent the Spread of Fires

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Each year the Jewish National Fund sends a herd of sheep to the city in order to help prevent fires from spreading in case there is a fire. As the weather heats up and we have days over 100 degrees like we had last month, there is a greater risk of fires.

Past experience has shown that the forest is an important tool that helps prevent fires. The herd of sheep, who are here for the seventh year, helps prevent fires by eating dried grass and thistles, which reduces the height and density of the herbarium and significantly reduces the rate the fires spread which makes it easier for firefighters to put out the fire. Another ecological advantage of bringing the sheep to pasture is that by lowering the herbarium, this gives lower plant species the opportunity to develop and blossom.

The herd arrived in the city last month and began working the open areas around Maccabim. The herd has approximately 500 sheep and are always accompanied by a shepherd nearby to watch over them. In the evening the herd returns to its collection point to spend the night. The herd is treated by the Veterinary Bureau of the Agriculture Ministry and the owners are in daily contact with the municipal veterinary service and the Jewish National Fund.

The herd of sheep will be around the area for the next few months. The city asks for the residents' cooperation, patience and understanding with regard to the pasture. For questions and inquiries, please contact the Jewish National Fund, the Veterinary Service and the municipal center at 106.

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