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Transportation Update and Improvements

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Transportation Update and Improvements Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

It has been two weeks since the city’s new transportation system began operating and it has not been an easy transition. On Sunday, Mayor Bibas and Ilan Ben-Saadon who holds the transportation portfolio met with representatives from the Ministry of Transportation, the CEO of Kaviim, Tzion Paat, managers of the local branch, manager of the city’s Services Division and all relevant professional in order to deal with the issues and difficulties of the new system.

The CEO of Kaviim attributed the rocky beginning to the Muslim holiday that took place last week and that it took the bus drivers time to get to know the new routes. Another issue which is a national problem is the shortage of bus drivers.

The changes will go into effect on Monday, September 18, 2017. The changes will hopefully improve service to the residents and deal with the problems and complaints with the new system. One of the issues being dealt with is the need of residents to take two buses to get to get to their destinations. There will be free transfers on buses within the city for a 90-minute time period so residents don’t need to buy a new ticket. The price of the ticket will go up by 10% - from 3.90 NIS to 4.30 NIS.

Changes in the bus schedule beginning Monday, September 18:

  • Bus 50 and 53 – extended route so that it will go down Emek HaChula, Rechov Gaaton and the Nechalim neighborhood
  • Bus 51 will go down Rechov Emek Yizrael
  • Bus 58 extended to include the length of Menachem Begin
  • Bus 55 – increased frequency of the bus line
  • Bus 56 – 2 extra buses on Fridays between 12:00 and 15:00
  • Bus 56 in Tzipporim will be reexamined
  • Bus 110 will leave from the bus stop on Emek Dotan at 05:35. Bus 111 will leave from the same bus stop at 5:30 and will travel along Emek Dotan, Emek HaHula, Rechov Tiltan and then leave the city
  • Bus 111 and 110 that arrive in the city after 23:00 will operate along the old bus route – letting passengers off along Emek HaHula and Emek Dotan
  • Bus 150 will leave from the bus stop on Emek Dotan and Emek HaHula at 5:40
  • There will be an added stop at the Transportation Roundabout for all buses entering the city from Route 431
  • Route 59 – added stop on Leah Imenu
  • Bus 58, 32, 33, 84, 88, 89, 91, 92 and 94 will have two additional stops on Menachem Begin, across from houses number 78 and 98
  • Bus 33, 59, 86, 91, 94 and 103 - added stop on Leah Imenu at the corner of Sarah Imenu
  • Bus 32, 33, 82, 83 and 84 - added stop on Rechov Moshe Dayan
  • Bus 50, 59 and 104 - added stop on Rechov Eliyahu Hanavi
  • Bus 114 – added stop on Leah Imenu at the corner of Menachem Begin
  • Bus 58 - added stop at 2 Yitzchak Rabin
  • Bus 91 - added stop on Menachem Begin at the corner of Esther Hamalkah
  • Bus 59 – adding a stop at 61 Sarah Imenu
  • Bus 150, 152, 107, 110, 112, 111, 106, 202, 201 and 113 – adding a stop for dropping off on Sederot HaChashmonaim, near the Modiin Mercaz train station

Changes to student bus lines:

  • Bus 54 - buses added to the Yuvalim option within Maccabim for departing passengers during the hours 15:45, 13:00, 14:20, 15:15 and passengers from the direction of Emek Harud at 13:30
  • Bus 32 at 6:55 has been cancelled and replaced by Bus 95 from Tzipporim to transport students from the neighborhood learning at Ironi Alef and in Avnei Chen. The bus will leave Tzipporim at 7:15, go through Avnei Chen and continue on to Ironi Alef
  • Bus 33 that left at 14:30 and 16: 20 has been cancelled and replaced by Bus 96 that operates between Ironi Alef and Avnei Chen at 12:50 and 15:30. In addition, Bus 95 will leave Ironi Alef at 14:40 and 13:40 and pass through Avnei Chen before continuing on to Tzipporim
  • Bus 81 that leaves Avnei Chen in the direction of the Ulpana and Ariel will pass through Tzipporim and will now leave at 7:05
  • Bus 81 and 89 – starting point moved to the bus stop on Menachem Begin, near Ariel
  • Bus 58 leaving Menachem Begin towards Cramim will leave beginning at 15:20
  • Bus 59 – added stop near the Ulpana
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