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Applications for Student Scholarships

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Applications for Student Scholarships Photo credit: GraphicStock

Students from Modiin Maccabim Reut are invited to apply for a student scholarship from the city’s scholarship committee. The scholarship committee awards scholarships to local students based on the following criteria: they have to be students, residents of the city, registered for the 2017-18 school year at a university and have served in the army or national service. Students must present proof that they are enrolled in a recognized academic institution that operates under the permit of the Council for Higher Education and whose scope of study does not fall below 50% of the full curriculum.

Applicants cannot be receiving school funding from work or another source, which exceeds one-third of the tuition for the year. It was also decided that a scholarship would be given in accordance with the income of the family unit in which the student lived, and that if the family income per person is more than 3,700 shekels net then they would not be awarded a scholarship. Receipt of the scholarship is conditional on participation in community service during the school year, in the amount of 25-40 hours, depending on the scholarship. Scholarships will not be awarded to students who could not meet this obligation and would be required to return the money they received.

Meeting all the requirements doesn’t guarantee being awarded a scholarship. Every applicant must come in for a personal interview. Applications are available on the Iriyah’s website, at the Youth Center, 13 Ginot HaElla and at the Iriyah on Rechov Tiltan (Sunday – Thursday, 8:00-16:00). Registration ends on November 1, 2017.

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