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Transportation Terminal Update

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Transportation Terminal Update Photo courtesy Dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

The preparations for the opening of the city’s public transportation terminal are in the final stages, with the opening of the entrance and exit to the transportation roundabout from the terminal last Thursday. With the opening of the roads, buses will be joining the traffic at the transportation roundabout. The terminal will be managed by the Kaviim Company which operates the public transportation in the Modiin area.

The transportation terminal was built in the main Transportation Roundabout in the center of the city. It will operate on two levels, the upper level for inner-city transportation and the lower level for inter-city transportation. The bays for the buses are on the lower level with entry and exit of buses via the roundabout, in coordination with the traffic lights. The terminal also includes the Kaviim offices and security center. The new terminal is built with easy access to the Azrieli Mall, the Central Modiin train station and the future City Center. The lower level of the transportation terminal includes nine platforms for passengers getting on buses and three platforms for passengers getting off buses.

The Kaviim bus drivers will be studying the city’s new public transportation model over the next few weeks. The city’s new plan for public transportation in the city is aimed to improve transportation by shortening the existing city lines, improving existing lines, and creating parallel tracks. There will be direct lines from the various neighborhoods bringing residents directly to the center of the city, the transportation terminal and main areas in the city, such as the City Center, the Iriyah, Heichal Hatarbut, the Technology Park and the Einav Center. There will also be lines between the neighborhoods. This change should create shorter lines and will be more practical than the current system.

The new bus lines will start trial runs this week and begin operating with passengers on August 25. Most of the inter-city lines will leave from the transportation terminal in the transportation roundabout throughout the day, heading straight toward the city they are traveling. This shorten travel time will significantly reduce traffic congestion in the city. However, during rush hour inter-city lines will also leave from different neighborhoods, like the current format.

The actual complex was built at a cost of around 27 million shekels and encompasses around 3,000 meters that includes a 1,100-meter traveler’s lounge, a 1,100-meter covered walkway connecting the bus station and the train station, a 140-meter area for Minhelet Ofek offices and a 720-meter commercial area. There is another area of the complex, around 1600 meters, will be split between a technology incubator and an area for youth activities.

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