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Speak English? Become an English teacher in Israel!

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Speak English? Become an English teacher in Israel! Photo courtesy Talpiot College

Education Ministry and Talpiot Academic College of Education launch free program to train English-speakers to teach English in Israel. Special Retraining Program for Native Speakers 2017-2018: Teacher's Certificate in T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

 What is special about this program?

The program is for native or near native English speakers only. The students must have at least a B.A. degree with an acceptable grade average from an accredited academic institution in order to be accepted.  It is a one-year intensive program (three days a week) that will award its graduates a teaching certificate in T.E.F.L. in Israel. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Talpiot are offering a full scholarship for those students who are accepted to the program.

Who runs the English program?

Luba Ostriski, Head of the English Department: Veteran teacher in elementary and junior high school. Ministry counselor for TEFL for seven years. Pedagogical Advisor and lecturer at Talpiot College for 12 years. Head of the Talpiot College English department for the last three years.

Marsha Hachmon- Coordinator of the Native Speaker Program: High school teacher for 22 years. Ministry and ORT counselor for TEFL teachers for five years. English inspector for the Ministry of Education in the Tel Aviv District for 11 years. Pedagogical Advisor, lecturer and English internship coordinator at Talpiot College for four years and Levinsky College for 15 years.

What would be a reason for a native speaker to become a teacher in the Israeli school system in its current situation and level of salaries?

The main reason is because being an educator is more than a job. It is our way to contribute to the success and well-being of the next generation. Although teaching salaries are not the best salaries in the job market, they have improved as a result of the teaching reforms over the last several years.

Does it make a different at which college students study?

Several colleges and universities are offering the native speakers program in similar variations to our program. The added value of studying at Talpiot is that we are a religious college with a pluralistic vision and student population. In addition, our college is offering a full scholarship.

Who are the lecturers and pedagogical advisors?

The lecturers and pedagogical advisors are experienced and veteran members of the English faculty of Talpiot College.

Click here for more information about the program.

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