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Update on Bike Paths and New Exercise Park in Maccabim

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Update on Bike Paths and New Exercise Park in Maccabim Photo courtesy Dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Work on the bike path at the entrance to Maccabim continues and should be completed in a few weeks. As part of the city’s work to develop and promote fitness and sports, a new exercise park was installed in the eucalyptus grove, next to the path and adjacent to the dog park. The park was placed next to the bike path so that people can ride on their bikes, stop to exercise and continue to ride. A variety of fitness equipment has been installed in the area, to work different muscles in the body, such as the legs, hands and abdomen. In addition, horizontal and parallel bars were installed at the request of the youth to help them prepare for the army.

The bike path is being built on the northern side of the street and will be 720 meters long and three meters wide to accommodate bikes and pedestrians. This path will connect to the existing paths in the city, around 40 kilometers long. The work on the bike path on Derech Yair Pereg continues so that bikers will be able to leave Maccabim and ride along Yair Pereg to get to the rest of the city.

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