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Advance Your English Teaching Career

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Advance Your English Teaching Career Photo courtesy Michlelet Talpiot

Are you an experienced English teacher? Talpiot College of Education in Holon has opened a two-year M.Ed program in English as an International Language for English teachers. ModiInfo sat down with the head of the program, Prof. (Emer.) Dennis Kurzon and the program coordinator, Dr. Elaine Hoter to learn more about this exciting opportunity for English teachers.

Please tell about the program in general. What are the different tracks? What's special about the English program? Why did you choose to start this master's program in English?

The M.Ed program at Talpiot College of Education focuses on English as an international language. We believe that in our globalized world it is imperative that English teachers in Israel broaden and deepen their knowledge of English and become familiar with new pedagogies in order to prepare their pupils for life in a global world where all communication – from shopping and entertainment to connecting to experts in specific fields – are conducted in English.

Who is the program geared towards? How will this help people in the job market? How will this effect a teacher's salary?

The program will encourage teachers to become educators who encourage growth, curiosity and joy of discovery in their classrooms while engaging in authentic communication in English. By acquiring a high level of academic competence involving theoretical knowledge relevant to the field of teaching English as an international language together with innovative pedagogy, M.Ed students will become independent and critical thinkers and practitioners. They will shift their focus and emphasis from conservative teaching strategies to more up-to-date pedagogy involving technology and projects which stress the need for positive communication, negotiation and collaboration. They will prepare their pupils for the constantly changing reality and become agents of culture sensitive to issues connected to multiculturalism.

Furthermore, there is a move around the world to raise the academic level of the teaching profession. In countries such as Finland you require a master's degree in order to teach. In Israel, teachers who return to college with working experience will be able to research and improve both their teaching as well as serving as leaders in their school and the English teaching community.

As for a teacher’s salary, there is an automatic rise in salary the moment the teacher acquires a second degree, in this case, M.Ed.

What type of experience can students expect to have at the college?

Since the course is geared exclusively toward experienced teachers with a first degree, they do not have field work in a school. They study courses at the College with several educational visits outside the College. The courses are in the areas of linguistics, literature and pedagogy. They include foundation courses in research methodology, debating and creative and academic writing.

What are the program requirements for the students?

Students are assessed in each course, and the type of assessment depends on the course and lecturer. In most of the courses, students are required to complete a number of assignments. In seminar courses, students are also required to submit longer papers based on research in the particular field.

What will the students be learning? Who gives the lectures? What are the lecturers' backgrounds?

The courses are designed to gain an in-depth knowledge of recent theoretical work in the fields of Educational Linguistics and Language Policy, Literary and Cultural Studies, and Pedagogy including Educational Technology.

The lecturers are highly qualified in their particular fields. All have PhDs.

Why should teachers choose to do their master’s at Michlelet Talpiot? How is it different from other programs?

Firstly, Talpiot College is the first college of education in the center of Israel to be allowed to offer a master's program for English teachers. Secondly, the focus on English as an international language is unique in colleges in Israel, and presents teachers with a broader perspective on English and its role in the world.

For further information, contact the College, and for registration, please contact 

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